The main services of the Centre are :

1.Paediatric orthopaedic surgery

with the following facilities:

  • ♦ 2 operating theatres
  • ♦ 70 beds wards
  • ♦ outpatient department for consultation
  • ♦ x-ray department
  • ♦ laboratory
  • ♦ Nursing department
Most treated conditions include Clubfeet, Angular  deformities of the lower limbs ( bow legs, knock knees) ; osteomyelitis

2 Rehabilitation department.

Our physical therapists help clients to try to reach the full potential of activities by determining the type of exercises adapted to the patient's problem. We manage problems related to physical disability after orthopaedic treatment.
We have also in our centre a special clinic for children with neurological disorders mainly cerebral palsy. The rehabilitation of these children is multidisciplinary (physical therapist, occupational therapist, orthophonist, surgeon, orthopaedic technician, Social worker, Teacher).

3.Orthopaedic workshop

Some clients need orthopaedic appliances to help them walk, to maintain the correction that has been achieved surgically or through manipulation or as an artificial limb. Our orthopaedic technician can make different types of prostheses and orthoses.

 4. Social work

The social workers offer support to clients and their families. They conduct an initial screening and evaluation of clients; they conduct interviews with clients and their families to assess and review their situation; they offer information needed and support to service users and their families; they identify problems of the clients and their families and in collaboration with other responsible, they try to address them.

5. Education-animation for children

 Two teachers ( one for education, another for animation) develop appropriate skills and social abilities to enable the optimum development of children, according to age, ability and aptitude.

As the clients stay in the centre for a period of 2-3 months, lessons given are just to help children whose health allows them to attend school to stay in the spirit of school if we consider their earlier learning.

Animation activities are also organized: movies' sessions, songs, painting, sport activities for disabled persons, educative games, play scenes, reading stories.

We have partneship with Institut Français du Rwanda in animation activities.


  • The Centre has also opportunities to ensure accommodation for visitors ( partners, collaborators) and when a training is organized in the centre.
  • The centre has a kitchen for clients. A special staff called Ménagerès (health assistants) takes care ( hygiene, nutrition) of the children so that a guard from the family is not needed. Exception is made if the child is too young ( under 2 years) or if the child is under breastfeeding.
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