Ministry of health


The Centre Orthopédique Sainte Marie Rilima is a Health Institution Governed by Convention with the Ministry of health. Since July 2013, the Centre received a financial support from the Government of Rwanda especially for staff salaries.


MSV ( Médecins sans Vacances)


A Belgian NGO with over 600 doctors and nurses which provides free services in Africa during their holidays.

It ensures a regular presence for surgical operations and training of local staff.


Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation


Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation, the main partner of the centre, is an Italian NGO. It supports the Centre with its know-how, human resources specialized in the technical assistance, training and upgrading of staff. It gives also support for staff salaries and running costs


Liliane Foundation


Netherlands NGO founded in 1980. It provides assistance to children and youth with disabilities, age 0-25 whose parents / families are unable to pay for medical rehabilitation. It gives them the opportunity to be re-educated and later lead a normal social life.
In our center, the Liliane Foundation is the main sponsor for the care of children with physical disabilities and cerebral palsy.


Congrégation des Soeurs Oblates de l’Assomption


Since 2007 the Congrégation des Soeurs Oblates de l'Assomption , active in around twenty countries worldwide in the health, social and educational fields, holds a permanent collaboration with the Centre. The Congregation provides qualified staff to the Centre.



Rilima AUGERE Foundation


Is an Italian NGO which helps the Centre for the maintenance of infrastructures ( buildings, electricity, water) and equipments.


IFR ( Institut Français du Rwanda)


The IFR which is a department of FRANCE AMBASSY in Rwanda has a partnership convention with the Centre Orthopédique Ste Marie Rilima. With that convention, the IFR provides a technical support and materials to the Centre to promote animation activities and education for children.

CENTURA health organization


CENTURA health is an American NGO which provides sometimes a technical and financial support for the training of health professionals for the treatment of clubfeet deformity using PONSETI method.
The organization provides also a sponsor for medical care to some children with clubfeet deformity.


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