Twenty healthcare providers, especially orthopaedic surgeons have completed intensive training about the treatment of clubfoot.

The 3-day training which climaxed on June 10, 2022, was held at the “Centre de Chirurgie Orthopédique Pédiatrique et de Réhabilitation Sainte Marie de Rilima (CCO Rilima), bringing together 20 healthcare providers from 16 hospitals countrywide.

The training sessions included practical components, whereby trainees had time to put in practice what they learned as new skills of treating clubfoot.
It was organized by CCO Rilima in partnership with the Global Health Initiative, Centura Health and Hope Walks/Rwanda Clubfoot Program.

The objective of the training was to increase the knowledge of orthopedists in the treatment of Clubfoot specifically using the Ponseti method.
A list of trainers included: Dr Albert Nzayisenga, Managing Director of CCO Rilima, Dr Protogene Nshimiyimana, surgeon at CCO Rilima, Uwizeye Esperance, Regional Manager at Hope Walks-Africa, Habyarimana Claude program manager at Hope Walks-Rwanda Clubfoot Program, and Munyeshuri Alain, “Clinical Supervisor” at Hope Walks-Rwanda Clubfoot Program.

Joseph Munyandinda, Director of Financial Affairs at CCO Rilima said that the training is conducted annually except for recent interruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic.
He expressed gratitude to the workshop partners, including Centura Health and Hope Walks-Rwanda, and called on the partnership to continue.

He also thanked RBC for sending a participant for the whole training.
Munyandinda called on trained healthcare practitioners to apply what they have learned to their benefit.

Patrick Mpunga Cyiza, staff member at CCO Rilima, said, after being trained that he has learnt new skills of treating clubfoot, as it was his first attended training. He said that the aim was to apply what he learned.

According to Claude Habyarimana, who was among the trainers, the training on clubfoot treatment through the Ponseti method was well conducted and was important for its beneficiaries.

“I see this training bringing productivity among participants as they have improved their knowledge in the field of Clubfoot treatment; and it is obvious that even patients will benefit from this as they will be receiving improved care,” he said.

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Certificate of Patrick Mpunga Cyiza
Patrick Mpunga Cyiza, staff member at CCO Rilima
Habyarimana Claude program manager at Hope Walks-Rwanda Clubfoot Program