A mission of three Technicians from Rilima AUGERE Foundation was conducted at “Centre de Chirurgie Orthopédique Pédiatrique et de Réhabilitation, Sainte Marie de Rilima” (CCO Rilima) from June 6th to August 3rd, 2022 in order to contribute to the development of this hospital.

The 3 Technicians of Rilima AUGERE Foundation were:

1.Silvio MONTINI: Chief of the mission

2.Nicolas FRANCISCO,

3.Carlo Tomaso BOTTARI

All these Technicians have enough experience in construction, plumbing, electricity, electronics, etc.

Silvio MONTINI Chief of the mission

Main activities done by the Technicians of Rilima AUGERE Foundation

1. Renovate the Operating Theatre

The layout of the operating Theatre has been transformed so as to get 2 operating rooms. Before the hospital was using one operating room, but now there are 2 operating rooms which can work at the same time.

Installation of modernized faucets (automatic taps) as designed in the construction of modern operating theatres.

Oxygen channels have been transformed to reach both rooms.

1. Anesthesia machine:

The Technicians brought spare parts for this machine: Two batteries.

2. The Sterilization System has been renovated: The pipes have been replaced, and the compressor of the sterilization has been moved and installed near the OSMOS.

3. Radiology:

a. The digital Radiology machine No 1 which had crushed can now work well because of a new spare part brought by the Technicians.

b. The computer for Radiology is not working properly but the Technicians diagnosed it and promised they will follow up the issue until they find a solution.

c. The digital radiology scanner which cannot work well: the Technicians checked it and promised they will follow up the issue and find its spare parts until a definitive solution will have been found.

4. Video Conference Room:

All equipment for video conference room system was brought by AUGERE as a donation to CCO Rilima and consists of flat Screen, Camera, Cables and Accessories.

5. Laundry:

a. One drying machine was not working well because of lack of some spare parts, but once the Technicians from Rilima AUGERE Foundation brought them it is now functioning well.

b. New spare parts will be brought for the two old washing machines.

6. Water:

The water storage tanks have been connected and equipped with a modern system for pumping water and spread it easily (automatic pumping).

7. Solar Energy: They did maintenance of the solar water heating system.

8. Electrical maintenance: They solved the problem of the inverter which was not working well.

9. They did the paving of the kinesitherapy room where it was deficient.

10. Visit to poor families with handicaped children who are financially supported by Rilima AUGERE Foundation for medical treatment: Ten families were visited by Rilima AUGERE Technicians.


1. All materials: bricks, cement, sand, doors, faucets, paint… used in the works done, together with the manpower, were paid for by the Rilima AUGERE Foundation mission led by Silivio Montini.

2. The mission, in all their activities, were assisted by Bahati Angelos and Gasana Ngoga Egide, Maintenance Technicians from the CCO Rilima Maintenance Service.

Technicians from Rilima AUGERE Foundation and Technicians from CCO Rilima hospital


Doctor Albert NZAYISENGA (on right side) Director of  CCO Rilima with technicians from Rilima AUGERE Foundation

The Management of CCO Rilima sincerely express their thanks to the technician team of the mission for their efforts and commitment during accomplishment process of the works. They also express their gratitude to Rilima AUGERE Foundation for its support in the development of this Hospital through its partnership agreement with the Archdiocese of Kigali.

The other pictures

Remembrance picture with Munyandinda Joseph DAF of CCO Rilima