The center is a health establishment recognized by the Ministry of Health as a specialized in pediatric orthopedic surgery and rehabilitation. Its medical services were also opened to adults since October 2017 in order to financially back up the services to children from poor families. The center provides specialized cares including:

  • Corrections of congenital and acquired malformations; • Arthroplasty;
  • Advanced cares of physiotherapy ;
  • Making and repairing prostheses and orthoses

The center has the particularity of caring of patients without external “gardes malades” (external nurses).

The center also hosts academic training for surgeons who are specializing in Orthopedic Surgery. In addition it hosts training sessions for other health organizations in the country with regards to taking care of children with orthopedic problems.

Illnesses treated

-Agenesis       -Hip dislocation -Spine Surgery
-Arthogyposis -Genou valgum -Total Hip Replacement
-Celebro Palsy -Genou varum -Total Knee Replacement
-Clubfoot -Osteomyletis -etc
-Fracture -Polydactry and syndactly  


Schedule of Services

  • Medical Consultation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
    -Radiology services: From Monday to Friday
    -Laboratory services: From Monday to Friday
    -Surgery: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday
    -Physiotherapy services: From Monday to Saturday
    -Prosthetics and Orthotics services: From Monday to Friday
    -Nursing care: All days
    -Internal consultation (Tour Medical): All days


  • Clientele

Our customers are coming from all the regions of Rwanda. The majority of our patients are referred by district and reference hospitals. A great number of patients are financially helped by national and international NGOs.

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