Know our Center ORTHOPEDIC Sainte Marie of Rilima

"Centre Orthopédique Sainte Marie" RILIMA is a hospital of people with physical disabilities and neurological conditions mainly cerebral palsy.

We provide orthopedic surgery, conservative orthopedic treatment and rehabilitation (Physiotherapy, Orthopedic appliances, walking aids) for children under 18 years.


"Centre Orthopédique Sainte Marie" RILIMA is located in Rilima Sector, Bugesera District, Eastern Province of RWANDA, at 50 km from Kigali.

The center receives clients from all parts of Rwanda as it is a referral center in pediatric orthopedic surgery.

RILIMA clinic days


  1. Orthopaedic clinic days:
    • ♦ Orthopaedic surgery: twice a week (Monday,Tuesday)

    • ♦ Orthopaedic consultation: once a week (Wednesday)

    • ♦ General wardround for follow up of patients: once a week (Thursday)

  2. Orthopaedic workshop: open Monday-Friday
  3. Physiotherapy department: open Monday-Saturday
  4. Consultation for children with cerebral palsy: once a month
  5. Nursing department is open daily
  6. Supporting services ( Radiology, Laboratory): Open Monday- Friday



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