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To promote health and rehabilitative assistance of disabled children.

To promote awareness on disability.


Property of the Kigali Archdiocese, the Centre Orthopédique Pédiatrique et de Réhabilitation Ste Marie de Rilima was qualified in 2005 to operate within the field of the national health service of the Ministry of Health (Moh) of the Republic of Rwanda, under a specially stipulated Convention. In 2012, the convention was revised and in the same year, the centre Orthopédique Sainte Marie de Rilima received by Moh a status of referral center in pediatric orthopedic surgery.

The daily management of the Centre is entrusted to its Director General under the supervision of the Board made up of the Kigali Archdiocese which is the owner, the Italian NGO Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation which is the main partner and the Bugesera District where the Centre Orthopédique Sainte Marie Rilima is located.



The first part of the center was born during the second half of the eighties, with the will pAower of Father Minghetti to assist disabled children and orphans who lived in very poor conditions and without any hope of assistance. With the collaboration of the group of Treviglio "Amici del Rwanda" the Construction of the first part of the Centre Orthopédique Ste Marie Rilima was begun.
The activity and the expansion of the Centre's structures continued, notably through the work of many volunteers, who have formed a locally ASBL "Association for Aid and Assistance for the Disabled children and Orphans of Rwanda ".
Overtime, from the moment that began the arriving of volunteers' surgeons from Europe, the activity of orthopaedic surgery has been added to services offered in 1993.
The tragedy of genocide also hit Centre Sainte Marie Centre de Rilima. After the genocide, the Centre has been used by several no government organizations (Caritas, MSF, Cuamm, etc.) to try to address the health emergency in Bugesera region. It was only in August 1995 that the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Rwanda has decided to assign again the Centre to the specific activity for which it was created. With the various works carried out by the volunteers of the AUGERE Association (Italian NGO), the Centre reopened officially on March 28, 1999.
Over time, the relationship with the Archdiocese of Kigali, owner of the land on which the Centre had been built, was consolidated. The natural development of this relationship was the donation to the Archdiocese of Kigali, the whole structure of the Centre on 19th August 2003, to ensure, even in the future, the attention and support of the Centre.
For the 2004-2007 period, the management of the Centre has been governed by a specific Convention passed between the Archdiocese of Kigali and AUGERE Association.
From September 2004, the Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation - ONLUS worked actively to strengthen the activities of the Centre and for the training of salaried staff.
On 13 April 2005, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Rwanda
recognized the Centre Orthopé dique Ste Marie Rilima as a Health institution governed by convention by signing a specific agreement with the Archdiocese of Kigali.
Since 2007, the" Congrégation des Soeurs Oblates de l'Assomption" is present in the Centre and support health activities by providing qualified staff to the center.
From 30 June 2008 to 25 January 2012, the center is governed by an agreement between 3 institutions ( Archdiocese of Kigali, AUGERE Association, Carlo Gnocchi Foundation) and the the Board for the Centre was composed by members from the 3 institutions.
On March 5, 2012, the centre orthopédique Ste Marie Rilima was recognized by the Ministry of Health of Rwanda as a referral center in pediatric orthopedic surgery.
Since 1 July 2013, the Centre received the support of the Government mainly a budget to pay a part of staff salaries.
Since 26 January 2012, the centre is governed by the agreement between the Archdiocese of Kigali and Don Carlo Gnocchi Foundation (main partner) for the period from 26 January 2012 to 25 January 2015. This agreement was reviewed and the one in force is for the period 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2016. Under this agreement, the Board of the Centre Sainte Marie Rilima is composed by members from the two institutions until 2013 and from 2014, the Board has a Government representative ( Bugesera District where the Centre Ste Marie Rilima is located).
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